CEO Global Study 2010 – How Smarter Leaders Collaborate

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to participate in the CEO Global Study 2010 – and present as well as discuss with other leaders how smarter leaders collaborate.  This was an amazing experience!  I will start off with the environment.  I came in as an avatar, chose my outfit, fixed up my hair (no worries of bad hair days here), switched my shoes (no shopping required) and off I went into the virtual world of  IBM’s Analytics Virtual Center:

It was quite easy to navigate … ‘w’ to walk … ‘s’ to go backwards and there were six gestures I could use like (waving my hand, shaking hands, nodding, etc)  The room filled up with attendees and as I spoke I tried to remember to keep my avatar moving or at least remember to look up with the avatar once in a while.  

We talked about Collaboration, specifically how do smarter leaders use collaboration when:  communicating, sharing materials, managing activities, connecting with other teams, leading by example (walking the talk).  There was a great discussion that followed, where the attendees shared their experience.  

There were many points to take away from the session, here are a few that come to mind from the discussion with the group.
  • Creativity is key for smarter leaders and not being afraid to fail and a willingness to experiment leads to creative and new solutions
  • Being generous and sharing your knowledge online with others is key
  • Leaders using collaboration tools and leading by example is really important to getting others to adopt social software

To view the webcast you can click here

Thank you to all that participated in this session, it was great to see IBMers I knew in the virtual room, especially as avatars.  A special thank you to Kevin Aires for doing such a great job with organizing and running the event and Sacha Chua for her contributions to the discussion, support and help.


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