The Power of getting your audience to summarize what they just learned from your session

I often participate and lead many education sessions through a web conference and have thought that it is good practice to tell participants upfront what they will be learning (Learning Objectives), include active components during  the session and summarize at the end of the session what the participants should take away from the session.

Now I think  one of these ideas should be flipped, instead of the presenter summarizing, we should ask the participants/audience to type into the chat what they will be taking away from the session, their summary.

This will help in 4 ways:

1) Other audience members will see what their peers are taking away, and this might be really interesting and applicable

2) The attendees/learners will be actively participating, thinking, reflecting and this will make it easier for them to remember what they have learned

3) As the presenter, you can see if your presentation was effective and if the learners are actually taking away what you were teaching

4) This makes the session much more interactive and interesting

What  are your techniques for summarizing your sessions?

About Anna Dreyzin

Digital Leader | Enabling Individuals and Companies with Social Business| Education Specialist | Strategy Consultant | Speaker
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