Harnessing the power of the text chat during your online meeting

 Have you ever been to a meeting and had a yearning question you needed answered, but did not want to interrupt the speaker in the meeting?  What if this meeting was an education session, meant for you to learn and get the most out of, would you interrupt then?  Well, I have learned a lot running online web sessions.  The text chat is key and the speaker should get everyone comfortable with the text chat by playing a little ice breaker game!  If it’s a global team, you can ask, everyone to type in the city they are in and what the weather is like outside, or a game that helps with what you are presenting that day.

This  approach makes the sessions very interactive, I learn from all the questions during the chat, in fact I have used the chat questions later for Q&A.  So, for me, this has become a best practice, having a colleague present and a second (or sometimes a third) colleague answer questions on the chat, add links as needed and engage the participants to share their experience.  I think the next aspect of the chat, is not only to get the participants to ask questions, but also share their stories with the other participants so they can act as role models, and connect with their colleagues, and learn from each other as well as the presenter.


About Anna Dreyzin

Digital Leader | Enabling Individuals and Companies with Social Business| Education Specialist | Strategy Consultant | Speaker
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