Tag you are it! Tagging your LinkedIn contacts.

Tagging is a great way to organize information, but what’s amazing these days is that you can tag people!  Whether, you are inside the company and want to organize contacts, on Facebook, or using LinkedIn, tagging (also referred to as labeling allows you to associate a keyword (or multiple key words to a person).  For example, if you were moving and you had moving boxes on the box you would add labels or tags indicating where it goes, what’s inside, whether it’s fragile).

Similarly you can use this to help you organize people by their expertise, or where you have met them, or if you have worked together, so that you can remember and find them quickly.

Here’s a great slideshare presentation about how to tag your LinkedIn contacts.  By tagging them, you can them click on the tag of choice and with one click send all the people labelled with that tag an e-mail or export the subset of your contacts labelled with that tag.


Quick 30 sec. Exercise ->
This Blog also has tags (or Labels), take a look at the bottom right, you can click on any of the tags/labels and see the related content.  Click on LinkedIn, and see what else you find.


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