LinkedIn – Using Advanced Search for Sales Prospecting

It’s amazing who you are connected to and who you can find on LinkedIn.  If you are using  LinkedIn for Sales Prospecting or even for a job search, this advanced search feature is pretty amazing!

Here’s a quick 2min. video to show you how to use it from youtube (Brought to you by InfoStream Solutions)

So here’s a 1 min. hands on exercise you can try, type into the position “VP” and your city.
What will be amazing is you will find people who will be potential prospects and are connected to you through a 2nd or 3rd degree, which opens the door for a potential introduction from the person you are connected with already (this might work well for job hunting too).  You can click on the result field and find out which connections you have in common.  I think you will be surprised to find how easy this is!


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