5 Tips On Conducting Online And Face-To-Face Combination Meetings

How do you run a meeting with participants that are both in the room and over the phone and on the web in a virtual web meeting?

Here are 5 tips to get everyone involved:

1) Use Both a  phone line and a web meeting with a chat feature.

2) Everyone in the room should be able to see the chat feature along with the presentation that is used, either project on the screen and/or have people use their own laptops to participate in the chat during the meeting.  The chat feature allows people to contribute their thoughts without interrupting the speaker.  This not only helps participants who are not in the room, but also can be used to help the interaction with those not in the room, joining remotely.

2) The leader should engage everyone in the beginning of the call, by doing a short chat exercise.  Ask them to introduce themselves using the chat, or type in the city they are in and the weather outside.  This sounds trivial, but really helps break the ice and get everyone comfortable with the chat feature and how to use it.  Some humor always helps to break the ice 🙂

3) Ask attendees to type in their thoughts and questions in the chat and have a team member monitor the chat and read questions out when there is a break for Q&A.

4) Have the chat moderator type in the action items from the meeting and save the chat transcript and use them to follow up on action items and questions.

5) Don’t worry about being distracted by looking at the chat.  The chat will help you be more focused on the meeting topics and engage people who otherwise might not have the chance to contribute.

Tools to use:

Phone / web meeting with chat feature / person to monitor and display web meeting in the room / leader/facilitator who encourages the team to contribute and also comments on the chat.


Much more inclusive meeting for both the face-to-face and remote participants with lots of interaction and important content gained from the text chat.

Would love to hear your tips too!  Do you use the chat feature?  Do you use the video feature?  If yes, how often and when?


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One Response to 5 Tips On Conducting Online And Face-To-Face Combination Meetings

  1. Jean-François says:

    I recently did an online training course that was run very effectively. The call leader did a small exercise at the beginning of the call to give everyone a chance to learn the annotation tools. Throughout the presentation, she had charts that participants were asked to interact with using those tools. For example, she showed a web page on one chart, and participants were asked to highlight the elements of it that they thought were most effective (from a marketing perspective) using their pointing tool. This kept people focused on the charts, and sparked a lot of conversation and questions.

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