Skyping into your Friend’s Bat Mitzvah

I am often amazed at how much of a connected world we live in.  On a daily basis I work on a world wide team and get to use social business tools to better communicate over the web and help me collaborate on daily work tasks with my colleagues.  In this case my niece has met a friend through a common interest fashion community and keeps in touch by skyping and video chatting daily.

Her friend lives in Australia, and since she couldn’t make it to Toronto, Canada for the Bat Mitvah, she skyped in.  Simple right?  It went perfectly.  She was projected on the screen for all party attendees to see, she gave a lovely speech and instantly we were all connected.  What struck me was how easy and second nature it was.  I can’t wait until the 13 year olds enter the work force, it will change how we communicate with each other, it all seems so natural and fast.  Video conferencing goes on automatically, in fact if they can’t see you they won’t connect, a bit of an authorization technique.  So no escaping bad hair days 🙂 or multitasking while on a meeting.  Video will just be part of business communication with teams.

I think in the global business world we are connecting to each other too, but for many it is not second nature.  I am thinking of how this will change in the near future.  As of today, I think we often do not use video on purpose, it provides opportunity to not worry about appearance, or maybe even gives you the chance to multi-task as you are on the phone.

I see text used all the time during the meetings to help enhance the experience of the virtual meeting.  Can’t wait to see what’s next.  Have you used video conferencing to join a special event at work?  What has your experience been like?

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