Lights, Camera, Actions …. Tips on creating your YouTube video.

Weekend Project:  Create YouTube video for my friend

As a hobby I take art classes and my art teacher and friend, Sergey Malina was looking to create a video to help his students learn a quick lesson as well as  attract students to conduct online international art classes.  I thought this would be a fun project so I offered my help, and said let’s do it! Let’s create a youtube video! (this was not my first attempt, as I had done a few already for business at work, although they were more light hearted cartoons … if interested search MollyFromIBM channel).

We decided the filming of the video would be in two parts:

1) Introduction – art teacher

2) Change camera angle to focus on Sergey’s unique lesson technique: How to sketch a face

We setup the camera, microphone, and lights.  About 2 hours and 30 min. later our 12 min. video was filmed.  There were a couple of takes and script re-writes required, but at the end we were both happy.  Luckily my art teacher new the sketch lesson and we were able to film it on the first take.

Editing -> a week later, I sat down to edit.  It took a couple of hours, I got very lucky and was able to also get help from my niece and my daughter.  They had great ideas!  For instance, re-use the picture from his website, add a 30 sec. preview of the lesson with classical music, overlay with website follow up steps.  Feedback is always good here, and family members are fantastic at being honest and helping out. (Thanks again!)

Finally, showed the video to Sergey Malina and made sure he was happy with it.

I then went on Youtube, created a channel for him called “MalinaArtVideos” and voila … here it is:

Some of my Lessons Learned:

  • make sure you have good camera that you can quickly hook up to your computer
  • invest in a good microphone
  • have proper lighting
  • have editing software on your computer to edit the video, and ability to add music, and import/edit video.
  • get feedback from family/friends before you share on youtube
  • have fun and enjoy the process!
  • it does take a bit of time …. so don’t expect it to work on the first take

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