LinkedIn Tip: How to ask a contact that you have in common to introduce you on LinkedIn

There are times, when you are searching for someone at a particular position and/or company but do not know that person directly and it would be more effective to reach out through a common contact.  LinkedIn lets you know if you have any common contacts and to what degree you are separated from that new person you want to connect with.

What happens when I ask someone to introduce me?  Who gets the mail?

When you ask someone to introduce you, only the common contact gets the mail.  They can then forward that mail to the person you were requesting an introduction with, so make sure to phrase your request so that they can easily forward the mail.

What happens if that person accepts the introduction?  Are we automatically connected through LinkedIn?

If the person accepts the introduction, you are not connected through LinkedIn.  It just gives you the opportunity to mail them, so that they know who you are.  You would still need to request to connect in order to join their network.

What’s the best way to phrase a request for an introduction?  Make sure you phrase your e-mail so that it can easily be forwarded with a click of  the forward button

1) State your intent

2) Give them an out

When would you ask for an introduction?

– If you have a request for the person you do not know,
perhaps you will have higher chance for them to answer the request if you reach out to them through a common contact.

Here’s a link to some etiquette rules from LinkedIn.


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