Happy New Year! Three highlights I took back from Lotusphere 2012

I wanted to wish everyone a happy new year!

I am back from Lotusphere 2012 and had an amazing experience.  There were many highlights but I would like to focus on three for this blog post.

1) IBM’s Collaboration with Boston’s Children’s Hospital.  This truly inspired me!  Specifically how technology, collaboration, education and better communication will result in many children’s lives saved.  Take a look at a simila presentation by Dr. Burns for Impact Conference.

2) Guy Kawasaki’s Presentation was very engaging.  One of the slides particularly “Default to Yes”!  For me personally, made a lot of sense!  I think it spoke to how we can support each other, if your first/default answer is yes.  If the default answer is yes, even if eventually it has to change, the intent and support that you give out is positive and will help with collaboration and opportunities.  The concept reminded me a bit of the movie the Yes Man with Jim Carrie.

Link to interview at Lotusphere -> Conversation with Guy Kawasaki

3) I heard many more customer success stories about social business and collaboration.  Particularly TD Bank, had a valuable story to share, they have come a long way in just one year.  They were part of Lotusphere’s Day 2 Keynote.
Lotusphere2012 Day 2 Keynote

Conversations w/Lenny Liebmann-TD Bank

Finally a quote to take away from Michael J Fox’s keynote …. when things go badly and not your way, think about this … “In Mozambique, to escape rushing waters and get to safety a women climbed a tree under rushing waters and delivered a baby in a tree”  …. what you got?

Here’s a link to Michael J Fox’s Book -> 



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