Family Day In Ontario …. Time Flies But Memories Stay

There are moments when you just sit back, enjoy and reflect ….

Time Flies But Memories Stay

The moment is gone, the time has passed.
We started off where time was slow and now it passes by fast.
As kids, we couldn’t wait to be older … as adults we try to slow down and get younger.
As we build our lives together, we make mistakes, we strive to reach our best and learn from our past mistakes.

As special days role by, we pause, reflect, and spend a moment in gratitude and celebrate the chance to be present.
Can we live our life in the moment? Or do we jump from task to task?
What makes you passionate about life? What allows you to relax?

Can you forget about everything and just exhale?
Remember, take deep breaths …. and for the challenging moments … they too shall pass …
Each decade gets better, each experience richer as we gather our memories.
Keep the ones that make you feel great! Lose or let go of those that cause pain.

Don’t forget to love, dance, live … enjoy those moments as they come.
Spend time with your loved ones, do what you enjoy!
Be kind as often as you can …. live your life …. you cannot make the moments stand still but you can make great memories.
Share your cherished memories with as many as you can and they will live on, time will fly by but the memories will stay.


About Anna Dreyzin

Digital Leader | Enabling Individuals and Companies with Social Business| Education Specialist | Strategy Consultant | Speaker
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