Running large online meetings – Five things to remember

At work I am leading weekly online series of lunch and learns, and lately we have over 2700 people who have signed up to attend.  These sessions are completely volunteer for the attendees / participants, so usually about 1/3 actually attend the session.  Last week we had 900 people attend our live online session.
Here are five things to remember when running online meetings:




1) It’s a team effort – we always make sure that we have at a minimum, one person answering the chat for questions related to the session and a different person presenting. For these large classes it would be best to have at least two people answering chat questions.  Make sure to engage your audience and ask them to contribute to the chat, by playing a simple game like, type in your location and weather outside.








2) Set up audio lines within the online meeting ahead of time (have backup lines and international numbers ready to go)- have a back up or extra audio lines that can accommodate the number of participants attending.

3) Record the session –  make sure the session is recorded and available for replay.  Or have the session pre-recorded in case of technical difficulties.

4) Have presentation available for download, if technical problems arise you can always go back to talking to the slides and calling out the page number you are on.

5) Follow up after the meeting with links to presentations, and recordings of where you will share your content for those that attended and those that were not able to attend.


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