Five Tips for Coaching Executives on Social Business

I have been coaching executives on the value of Social Business, here is a summary of five tips that I would like to share with you.

1) Listen First!  Come in with a consulting approach and learn how the executive currently gets business done:


2) Identify which tasks are most important for the executive.


3) Provide coaching on the tasks most important for the Executive both inside and outside the firewall.  Clearly match the value of the social platform tools to what the executive is looking to accomplish, explain the value of the tool and how to use it to accomplish the identified task.

4) Collect Success Stories – Highlight what has worked with other Executives.
For example, an Executive was a keynote speaker at a conference and assigned team members to monitor the twitter feed while he was speaking to answer questions and collect feedback from audience.  He was then seen as a much more responsive presenter and was able to communicate with the audience through his team in a more interactive way.
5) Highlight Executives that currently show leadership in social business through their internal/external activities
When you notice an Exective that is active, highlight their actions to other executives to give examples that are easy to relate too.

About Anna Dreyzin

Digital Leader | Enabling Individuals and Companies with Social Business| Education Specialist | Strategy Consultant | Speaker
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