How Social Business is revolutionizing the way we interact at work!

Here’s a summary table I put together to show how we can work more effectively using social tools for common work tasks.

 Thanking Colleagues

Common Approach Results
  • Send thank you e-mail
  • Copy everyone on e-mail
  • Forward to team and manager (lots of e-mails)
  • Eventually e-mail gets lost or deleted
New Social Tool Approach Results
  • Write on colleagues Internal Company Profile Board
  • Micro blog about it
  • Update your Status to thank them
  • Connect with them online using social platforms
  • Their manager and network can see the thank you
  • e-mail not required
  • Highlights expertise of person
  • Builds their reputation online within the company

Creating Presentations

Common Approach Results
  • Create draft presentation and e-mail team, get feedback from team
  • e-mail as attachment
  • Spend lots of time integrating feedback
  • Stuck in mail jail from multiple attachment versions
New Social Tool Approach Results
  • Upload file to Company file sharing system (e.g. IBM Connections)
  • Share with team directly from Files through notifications
  • Update with comments from team
  • Upload new versions without having to e-mail everyone
  • Automatic notifications to team
  • Transparent feedback and comments
  • Share with new team members easily
  • Others within the company can discover your presentation


Brainstorming With Team Members

Common Approach Results
  • Meet with team member
  • Take notes
  • Send rest of team notes
  • Receive feedback
  • e-mail’s going back and forth between team members
  • Eventually e-mails get lost and deleted
New Social Tool Approach Results
  • Blog about brainstorming session in Team Community
  • Ask for team feedback
  • Integrate team comments into blog
  • Team members can easily add ideas, the whole team views all new ideas and comments
  • No e-mails required
  • Content stays in community for new team members to view and contribute


Assigning a task to a team member

Common Approach Results
Send team member e-mail with task assignment e-mail’s go back and forth on due date and task completion
New Social Tool Approach Results
  • Create an Activity within the company
  • Assign team members to the Activity
  • Assign tasks and todos with due dates
  • Re-use Activity Template from other similar projects
  • Team member updates activity when task is complete
  • Activities transparent for the team
  • Easily reused for next similar project
  • Share Activity with other groups in the company

Connecting with new clients and sharing content

Common Approach Results
e-mail and/or call client, setup time and date to meet
  • e-mail’s / phone calls back and forth deciding on time and agenda
  • Too much time spent on logistics
  • Many file versions exchanged through e-mail
New Social Tool Approach Results
  • Create a private community space to share information about your upcoming meeting.
  • Share agenda and files with clients, make updates and build content for future meetings.
  • Private space to share content with clients.
  • Fewer e-mails required
  • Created content stays in a central location to share

Building Relationship with conference/event attendees

Common Approach Results
Get business cards from attendees. Follow up with e-mails and phone calls
New Social Tool Approach Results
  • Connect on social platforms like LinkedIn when you meet (using mobile device or from your computer in the evening)
  • Follow conference conversation on mirco blogging channels (e.g. Twitter)
  • Find out which are the best speakers, which sessions to attend, what are the questions and takeaways that are coming up during the conference
  • Join Tweetups and meet attendees in person
  • Benefit from the conference livestream and twitter stream either at the conference or if you are not able to attend from home
  • Connect with new colleagues right at the conference
  • Tag colleagues in the social platforms you use so you can remember how you met and easily follow up in the future

Communicating with your team

Common Approach Results
Send e-mail and copy everyone on team Team members read, reply and delete e-mail
New Social Tool Approach Results
  • Create a community for your team
  • Blog about your communication for team
  • Team members can comment on blog
  • When new members join, they can easily view previous communication
  • No e-mails required
  • Tag content to easily organize communication

Finding Experts

Common Approach Results
Send your contacts a request for help and if they know an expert e-mails back and forth, you may or may not find expert
New Social Tool Approach Results
Search IBM Connections or
Company social space through tags or keywords to find expert.
  • Find expert in other parts of company
  • Find their shared blogs, papers, and files
  • Learn from their shared content
  • Reach them for further questions.

Creating a Collaborative Paper

Common Approach Results
Send e-mail with draft attachment, requesting input from colleagues
  • e-mails go back and further
  • Multiple versions of files
  • Extra of time spent integrating paper.
New Social Tool Approach Results
  • Upload your draft to Company Files sharing system (e.g. IBM Connections Files)
  • Notify colleagues of draft
  • Make colleagues editors, they can go in and update sections as required
  • Complete the paper faster
  • No e-mails going back and forth
  • Versions available and contributions without one person being the bottle neck.

Sharing Insight within your Company

Common Approach Results
Send e-mail to colleagues about interesting insight/news colleagues read e-mail, forward to others, delete
New Social Tool Approach Results
  • Update your status on company micro blog with interesting insight and news
  • Blog about your thought leadership
  • Bookmark important links
  • Your whole network is aware of new insight and news
  • Your network is able to share with their network
  • Grow your network to include others in your company
  • Easily refer to your shared content at a later time

What are some tasks that you do differently using social tools? 

Please comment and share them.  Looking forward to hearing how you work differently using social tools both inside and outside of the company.


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20 Responses to How Social Business is revolutionizing the way we interact at work!

  1. Khalid Raza says:

    Simple, effective and useable. Good one Anna

  2. Khalid Raza says:

    Simple, effective and useable. Good one Anna… Loved how lucidly it allows people to see the difference..

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  5. Love this view Anna, very clear. Great way to show ‘newbies’ to social how impactful this new world and new way of working can be!

  6. mirvpgh says:

    Reblogged this on Mirv in the 'Burgh and commented:
    A very thorough and exhaustive list of reasons to use social media for business!

  7. Thank you Anna: this is a powerful article you made here: bottom line and so much can be learned from it! Thank you for putting it into black and white! Greetings from Hamburg, Germany!

  8. Reblogged this on Once Upon a Camayoc and commented:
    Excellent article building on by recent ’email native’ blog, about how the use (or not) of email is changing.

  9. Thanks for this post, I am currently on a 5 week challenge to work smarter, using social software tools to reduce my reliance on email. This post has given me some great ideas. I had not thought about thanking colleagues using social tools before. Normally I do a standard email with their manager on copy. The email snowballs as their manager passes thanks onto his manager and my inbox grows as we are all on copy. Thanking someone in public seems to carry a bit more weight. Others in the organisation can see the thank you (maybe on their social network profile or in my own status update) and can see what sort of work that person has been involved in, then people in the organisation looking for particular expertise may also find this person who has been thanked for their participation in xyz task. Great idea!

    I also think that social applications such as blogs, bookmarks and wiki pages can be used as a good way to publish news that would normally be in email newsletters. If we post newsletters in emails or via pdf documents then it is often hard to find the useful information that could be buried in one of several editions/emails/files. Extracting that information out to a blog and tagging the entries with relevant keywords enables users to search for content in multiple ways (via date, keyword, popularity) and we can keep up to date in real time using RSS feeds rather than waiting for the monthly email!

    • Anna Dreyzin says:

      Thanks so much for your thoughtful comment. Best of luck in your social work challenge. I hope it leads to increased productivity for all. Thanks again for reaching out and sharing your thoughts and experience.

  10. Laura says:

    Anna, I was pointed back to your blog yet again as I am working on an approach using the identification of pain points to help people identify where social can change the way we work (coming from a process transformation perspective). Your examples will be good references to how to relieve some of those pain points!

  11. Salvador Segura-Ortega says:

    This analysis is very practical and provides a simple yet powerful understanding about the benefits of using social tools. Thanks Anna.

  12. Pratibha shetty says:

    Very concise and brief messages in your article , could I have your permission to use this in one of my presentations with Adult Learning team ( external client for Social business that is slated for next week.

    • Anna Dreyzin says:

      Hello Shetty, yes you have my permission to use this in your presentation with Adult Learning Team. I see you are a fellow IBMer please feel free to share your presentation with me on Connections and reference this blog.

      Have a great day!
      Anna Dreyzin

  13. Kanai Roy says:

    Very nice and concise article. We do a lot of these on a daily basis. Yet, it would be a good reference to remind ourselves. I see someone from IBM took your permission to use this and I would like to do the same. Would you mind if I use this article as a reference? Thank you!
    – Kanai Roy

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