I am not looking for a new job, why should I update my LinkedIn profile?

I think that myth that if you update your LinkedIn profile means you are looking for a new job has now passed.  Yes, there are recruiters looking through LinkedIn, but so are customers, colleagues and potential new opportunities.   Before you know it, people have already looked you up, even within your own company and today regardless of your seniority and role, it is always a wise decision to represent yourself well, both for you and for the company.  If you are not easily found on the web, this too speaks volumes about your ability to interact and adapt to new ways of connecting and communicating online.

Here are 7 tips that only take a few minutes to enhance your profile, but many people don’t take advantage …
(all are on the free LinkedIn account)

1)  Customize your public profile url link (For example, use your name and remove any numbers/letters, so that it’s easy to add to your e-mail and business cards)

2) Update the skills section (Currently LinkedIn is automatically asking your colleagues to endorse you on skills, make sure it reflects your most current skills)  Don’t forget you can actually click on a skill to see who else has those skills and which skills are related.

3) Add Links to websites such as your company website and/or blog to your profile in the additional information section

4)  Use the advanced search capabilities to look up customers you are planning to visit and follow companies you may be looking to engage with.

5) Backup your contacts and export your profile to use as an always current resume and to have your contacts in an e-mail list format.

6) Update your Headline so it reflects what the outcome is of what you do and how you can help customers, by default it’s your previous position

7) Tag your connections, so you can remember where/when you met, it also makes it easier for you to send one e-mail to a group tagged with a particular label/tag.  Click here to learn how to invite a group to a local event.

Why would you do all this?  How could this benefit you and your team?

  • Benefit from your network and your team’s network, see who you know that is connected to the person you want to meet.
  • Find and reach experts fast (both inside and outside of the company)
  • Gather competitive intelligence
  • Gain insight
  • Build relationships online and stay in touch

About Anna Dreyzin

Digital Leader | Enabling Individuals and Companies with Social Business| Education Specialist | Strategy Consultant | Speaker
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