Can you improve your learning? What brain research tells us …

I came across this fantastic 3 min. video by Nigel Paine through the Massie Learning Talks from 2013, that I thought was excellent!  Here is the link to the video and summary of Nigel’s points.

Brain research tips for  effective learning:

  •     Remove the stress  (Stressed Brains don’t learn, create stress free learning environments.)
  •     Use many types of media for learning  (For example, video, blogs, webinars, classrooms.)
  •     Provide Group Based Learning (Share experiences, interact with other group members.)
  •     Allow time to process (Allow the thoughts/ideas to marinade.)
  •     Transform competence into behavior (Focus on behavior we want to learn about and apply that behavior quickly.)
  •     Exercise (Bloodflow to the brain helps us learn.)

From my experience I have found that when creating learning, focusing on the task we want the learner to do is effective.

As a Learning Specialist it is important to:

  • isolate the behavioral/work task you want to achieve
  • show the task as it applies to the participant’s work
  • guide the participant through the task
  • let them do the task on their own.

(Show me, Guide me, Let me principle.)

Then, follow up and see if they have performed the task as it applies to their role in the workplace. Record and share any benefits that have come from learning and applying the new task with others.

What are your tips to improve learning?

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