Dance like no one is watching and lead without the title

Those two do not seem related …. dancing and leading.  Although I beg to differ.  When you dance like no one is watching you are in the moment and you have the courage to get out there, forget how you look and just dance. You can influence others with your movement. Inviting others to join you, getting more and more people to dance.  Even creating an environment that makes it easy to dance and enjoy the music.

As a leader, even without the title, you have the opportunity to influence others.  You can be yourself, dance to your own song and control your own direction within the company.   If you are brave enough to get out there, create value and engage even a small group to follow your advice, you are a leader.  What if you could maximize that across the company, go beyond the silos, provide value and even create a movement.

Watch this fun TED Talk video by Derek Sivers:  How to start a movement with dancing, and all the lessons learned.


About Anna Dreyzin

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