Reflections from our keynote presentation at the Strategic Capability Network, Toronto, Canada – September 18th, 2014

I had the honour to co-present the keynote address at the Strategic Capability Network Event on September 17th, 2014. I presented with my friend and manager, Colleen Burns, Influencer Engagement Manager at IBM.  We had approximately 130 people attend in person and through a web conference.

You can see our presentation below:

The Topic of the half day conference was Maximizing Business Value Through Social Technologies.

The two other speakers were:
– Jim Moss, Chief Happiness Officer from Plasticity
– Avi Pollock, Vice President Innovation & Strategic Planning, RBC

Jim Moss inspired me to practice my gratitude fluency and discussed how happy employees impact the business. He shared his personal story of recovering from a serious illness.  He was extremely engaging during his presentation.

You can take a look at his youtube video about positive Psychology in business here:

Avi Pollock shared RBC’s experience with implementing RBC Connect and giving 40 000 employees a collaboration platform. He shared the strategy, the lessons learned and the positive surprises of some of the use cases of the tool. One use case that stood out was how quickly the collaboration tool was embraced for crisis management. It gave employees the ability to quickly jump in and create a common web space to help others during difficult circumstances. As an example, during the Alberta Flooding in 2014, RBC employees banned together and used the internal collaboration tools to quickly volunteer and help in their communities.

Collaboration tools can also provide an important saving of time and money when used for technical support forums. Once a question has been asked and answered, it then becomes available for future reference and quick access.

Tracey White, from Strategic Capability Network (SCN) did a fantastic job organizing the conference.    The SCN members were very interactive and engaging.  Please take a look at the Strategic Capability Network to see if you want to join any upcoming sessions.


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