Five Actions for Happiness with Tal Ben-Shahar

As we give thanks during the Holidays.  Tal Ben-Shahar,  has five reminders to take action on, not only during the holidays but though out the year.  Tal Ben-Shahar is an author and lecturer.  He taught two of the largest classes in Harvard University’s history, Positive Psychology and The Psychology of Leadership.

Included below is his video which I would highly recommend watching and a summary of the five takeaways.

  1. Let yourself be human. (You will not always be happy, and will experience various emotions.  It is better to not suppress them, recognize them and work on them.)
  2. Give yourself time to recover.  Take mini breaks to recover and vacations to be more productive at work.
  3. Start an exercise training routine.  Exercise will help you be better at work and home.
  4. Breath, learn to take deep breaths.  Take a few moments to meditate and be present in the moment.
  5. Savor and appreciate.  Write down what you are grateful for everyday.

These are such important reminders and so worth your time!  I hope you enjoy his video as much as I did.


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